Pino Fioravanti

Medical Director

Daniele Enotarpi

Chief Executive Officer

Elena Besio

Clinical Operations' Coordinator

Daniella Vaccari

Clinical Operations' Coordinator

Roberta Montisci

Clinical Operations' Coordinator

Patrizia Mascagni

Clinical Project Manager and Scientific Responsible

Chiara Pincin

Clinical Project Manager and
Quality Manager

Elisabetta Russo

Financial Control Officer

Simone Barbagallo

Clinical Project Manager
Via XX Settembre, 30/12
16121 - GENOVA
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Via XX Settembre, 30/12
16121 - GENOVA
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Besides standard information contained in a curriculum you are kindly requested to enclose following data:

  • E-mail and phone contacts
  • English language knowledge level (passing a language exam arranged by the company will be a prerequisite for hiring)
  • Knowledge of other languages
  • Present job (previous work experience is not a prerequisite for hiring)
  • Skills, if any, in specific scientific or therapeutic areas (e.g. cardiovascular, urology, statistics, regulatory, administration, etc.)
  • Computer skill levels on productivity packages (e.g. MS Office), professional software (e.g. SPSS, SAS, etc.) and operating systems
  • Other skills and interests
  • If you are interested in hiring or advice
  • Any personal restriction or limitation in travelling or business specific activities

For job applications or questions:
By sending a message to this e-mail address, you authorize Hippocrates to use and process your personal data in accordance with the GDPR 2016/679.
This email address is generic and is not used by one person, so the message can be read by multiple people person.