The company

Hippocrates Research (HR) is a division of Hippocrates Group qualified as a CRO (Contract Research Organization).

Starting from our Sponsors’ needs and relying on a tailored approach we integrate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in our workflow management and data management systems guaranteeing to the Client Company the achievement of the agreed objectives by providing high quality integrated services at absolutely competitive costs.

Our management (set-up in research teams) have more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical world. It is supported by a complete training and professional updating program carried out at national and international level (training and refresher courses, problem solving, organization, communication). It includes medical expertise, pharmaceutical skills, Quality Assurance and regulatory,  operational flexibility, aimed at achieving the objectives in order to reach the Customer satisfaction.

Scope: At Hippocrates Research we are in a position to accompany our Sponsors from Phase I studies to product launch also thanks to other companies belonging to Hippocrates Holding, we get underway from the selection and identification of a New Molecular Entity to feasibility and development studies, from Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials. We operate in 16 countries and 3 continents following interventional regulatory trials, but also observational, spontaneous and epidemiological studies.

The group

Hippocrates Research (HR) is a CRO who accompanies Sponsors from Phase I studies to product launch also thanks to other companies belonging to Hippocrates Holding.

The Group also includes Hippocrates Holding, a holding company, Hippocrates Sintech, specialized in information technology and communication in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, Hippocrates Pharma Genetics, a company that operates in the pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics fields, Nyali Swiss, a learning and business management advisory company, PSN Research (US full-service CRO) enables us to be both national and international players.


We operate in 16 countries and 3 continents. Our range of services includes selection and identification of molecules, feasibility studies and project management for Phase I-to-IV Clinical Trials. In addition observational prospective and spontaneous and epidemiological studies. We assist our clients with concept-to-development projects and built-in marketing.


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